The Italian Cultural Center
of Western Massachusetts, Inc.



In Italy, tombola is a common family game played at Christmas. It is similar to the game of bingo. In Italy, playing tombola on Christmas Eve is a must, with all the relatives united around grandparents and small children shouting when they win!

To play, you buy a card that you use throughout the game. Five prizes, from lowest to highest, are given out with each “bingo”, with tombola being the biggest: 

• the "ambo", two numbers on the same row 
• the "terno", three numbers on the same row
• the "quaterna", four numbers on the same row 
• the "cinquina", five numbers on the same row 
• the "tombola", all numbers on the card 

The ICC has been doing their version of the game for a number of years on a given Sunday in December.

Check out our calendar for the next tombola and join the fun!

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